Company Overview

Based in Seattle, Washington, Foss offers a complete range of maritime transportation and logistics services. Whether it’s solving transportation challenges in remote parts of the world or efficiently handling everyday harbor jobs, Foss prides itself on always offering customers safe and innovative solutions.

For more than a century, Foss Maritime has set the standard for marine transportation with leading edge technology, engineering, and shipbuilding. Combining global reach with local expertise, Foss is recognized for its state-of-the-art fleet, experienced and dedicated crews, knowledgeable customer service staff, and world-class engineers.

Along with our independent subsidiaries the company employs thousands of people throughout the United States. With hundreds of tugs and barges we provide harbor services and transportation operations in all major U.S. West Coast ports – including the Columbia and Snake River system. Internationally, Foss supports customers across the Pacific Rim, in Europe, South America and the Arctic.

Every day, our tugboats, barges and people are at work helping our customers succeed in a competitive and challenging market. With a company-wide commitment to safety and the environment, our seasoned crews and staff provide our customers with safe, reliable service to get the job done right.

In addition to transportation and maritime logistics, Foss also provides engineering and shipbuilding services. The company’s mobile response repair service can send a team of maritime engineers to service vessels anywhere in North America within 24 hours. With two full-service shipyards and an expert marine engineering group, Foss helps customers throughout the entire life cycle of a project, which includes analyzing vessel and equipment requirements for a specific job, to designing a new build or vessel modification through to production and proper outfitting of the vessel.


Foss Maritime Company is wholly owned by Saltchuk Resources, a privately owned family investment company formed in 1982 and based in the Pacific Northwest.

Saltchuk has over $2 billion of assets invested in numerous operating companies in several different business groups, including deep water shipping logistics, ship management, tug and barge operations, fuel distribution, and trucking.

Foss regularly partners with its sister companies in the Saltchuk portfolio to offer a diverse range of maritime transportation services.

Our Mission

Foss Maritime’s Mission is to provide marine services without equal. We will deliver unsurpassed customer service by:

  • Maintaining a steadfast focus on our customers’ needs and preferences in everything we do
  • Continuing to extend and expand our operations globally
  • Relentlessly pursuing perfection in our health, safety, quality and compliance initiatives
  • Retaining our world class work force by fostering an environment of mutual trust and respect

Our Tagline and Promise

For Foss, this is more than a tagline; it represents the way we conduct business to meet the needs of customers worldwide. We have the ability and the commitment to serve the widest range of customer needs with the best operators, management, and equipment available, on any part of the globe. We are committed to providing safe, reliable, environmentally responsible, and competitively priced services.

Our Core Values

Foss Maritime Company is committed to providing our customers with world-class marine services. To achieve this stance of Operational Excellence, we are dedicated to the Foss core values that emphasize safety and quality:

  • SAFETY of people

  • Integrity

  • Continual Improvement

  • Quality Workplace

  • Customer Focus

  • Stewardship of Resources

  • Custodian of the Environment

  • Community Minded

Our Company-Wide Operating Code

Our Code of Ethical Business Conduct, shared by all Saltchuk companies, is a guide to help us consistently do the right thing in all our business dealings. Our commitment is to conduct our business in a matter that complies with laws, but more importantly, to strive for the highest ethical standards, even where laws do not exist or may not be enforced or observed. The basic tenants of our code are as follows:

  • To conduct business in an ethical and moral fashion;

  • To provide the resources for employees to give back to their communities;

  • To protect the environment in which we operate; and

  • To provide a work environment where all employees would feel safe and proud to have their sons and daughters employed.

Company Summary
Number of Employees
(206) 281-4713
450 Alaskan Way South
Seattle, WA